The 5 Best Productivity Apps That Will BOOST Your Productivity || How I Survived College

Hi everyone! How are your Januarys going? We are HALFWAY through January, can you believe it? I go back to college next week, so today, I’ll be telling you the BEST productivity apps that I use to keep my life together.

5 apps to boost your productivity

I use all of these in a combination with my bullet journal. Some features of each app are better than others, and I don’t necessarily use ALL of them together all the time, but all them are apps I SWEAR by! These are (almost) all apps that have a mobile app, as well as an desktop counterpart, because I need apps that sync over between my phone and my computer!

  1. Google Calendar (and its associated apps)
    screenshot (88)
    I mean. Of course. Google is the BEST thing out there. I use my Google Calendar much like Abbie does: I used to do calendar blocking in my bullet journal, but when I started college, so much of what I needed to use was online that I needed something that I could access both on my laptop and my phone, so I switched over to calendar blocking on Google Calendar. My Google calendar is also synced to the calendar that comes with my (android) phone as well as the calendar on Windows 10, and that’s been really helpful as well (I can never forget what I’m supposed to be doing at any given time!😅). Plus, Google also has Tasks and Keep which integrate into the calendar, and it’s AWESOME for keeping track of everything!
  2. Habitica
    screenshot (89)
    I used Habitica wayyyy long ago in early high school, but stopped. Over winter break, I started to use it again. Habitica is a role-playing productivity app, where you getin game rewards for completing your real life tasks. The tasks are divided up into Habits (tasks where you get rewarded/penalized based on if you accomplish a task), Dailies (tasks you must complete daily in order to not dealt damage), and To Dos (which are exactly what they sound like). There is also a groups, or “guilds,” feature, which are essentially chat rooms on various topics, such as short term productivity, knitting, or gaming! I don’t use Habitica for school: I find inputting individual assignments into Habitica too tedious and ends up counterproductive, but it’s great for keeping me motivated when I don’t have school!
  3. My Study Life
    screenshot (90)
    (disregard all the overdue tasks lol those were assignments from last semester that I didn’t check off) This app literally SAVED ME everyday last semester at college! This app is SO helpful: when I got my syllabi for each semester, I inputted all the assignments, quizzes, and exams into My Study Life, and they were all there for the semester! The dashboard lists my class schedule, a list of tasks due each day, and upcoming exams, all in a sleek and easily accessible place. It also has a feature for building name and room number, AND sends you alerts right before class with them, and that was the most helpful thing ever for me not knowing where anything was yet. If you’re a college student, check this app out. It will SAVE you.
  4. Evernote
    screenshot (91)
    I don’t usually take notes on my laptop, but when I do, I use Evernote. Evernote is the app I use specifically to keep track of my notes for class. The feature I appreciate the most about Evernote is the “Notebooks” feature, where my notes can be grouped into classes. Because it’s my designated note-taking app, I can turn off my internet/turn on airplane mode and just WORK, and it’s amazing. It’s such a simple design, but it works AMAZING.
  5. QualityTime
    If you’re anything like me, I waste /a lot/ of time on my phone. So to combat that, I downloaded QualityTime on my phone. It shows me exactly how much time I use on each app and when, and also has a weekly overview version! It’s Quite Scary how much time I spend on my phone!!! The part that I appreciate the most is the notification that stays in my dropdown bar, so every time I swipe down to check my notifications, I get reminded of my usage being tracked, and motivates me to STOP! This goes without saying, but this is just an mobile app: there isn’t a desktop version of this, although I’m sure there’s some variant of it somewhere!

So there you have it! The productivity apps I SWEAR by to get me through college, and the apps that I use to keep my life together! Do you use any of these apps? What is your swear-by app? Let me know in the comments: I’m always looking for new systems to check out!


My Most Anticipated Reads of 2019 || More Books to Add to My TBR

Hey everyone! Today we have an exciting post: I get to scream about all the books are being released this year! my TBR is going to kill me but it’s okay; everything is okay; I’m okay

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash, design my own
  1. A Desperate Hope by Elizabeth Camden (Empire State #3) February 5th, 2019- I’ve only read one book by Elizabeth Camden so far, but I’ve really really enjoyed it! Her books have women who are working and are smart in a time where that wasn’t really a huge thing, and I really enjoy that, and I’m looking forward to reading this one!
  2. The Warrior Maiden by Melanie Dickerson (Hagenheim #9) February 8th, 2019- I STILL need to read the rest of this series!! I’ve been slowly plugging through this series in order, and . . . eventually I’m going to get to number 9, but when I do, I’m super excited to read this one! Mulan is going to be a GREAT retelling by Melanie Dickerson!
  3. Just For Clicks by Kara McDowell February 19th, 2019- A book about bloggers and the Internet and stuff!! I don’t actually know much about it besides that (lol), but I’m very excited to read it, it sounds like a fun read!!
  4. Within These Lines by Stephanie Morrill March 5th, 2019- I’m always down for a WWII book, and this one in particular is one that’s set in a part of WWII that’s not commonly mentioned, and I’m super looking forward to checking this out!
  5. The Boy Who Steals Houses by C. G. Drews April 4th, 2019- I’ve followed Cait’s blog, Instagram, and Twitter forEVER, and with the content she puts out there, I’m super pumped to read her new book (I haven’t actually read A Thousand Perfect Notes yet . . . but I’m hoping to get to it before this book comes out! It’s a book about a pianist and it will actually DESTROY MY SOUL).
  6. Sweet on You by Becky Wade (Bradfords Sisters Romance #3) April 30th, 2019- I’ve read the first book and the prequel to this series, but I haven’t read the second book yet. The covers are GORGEOUS though, and I’m looking forward to reading this one!
  7. Finale by Stephanie Garber (Caravel #3) May 7th, 2019- Let’s be honest, the cover of these books alone make you want to read it! I’m looking forward to seeing more of the breathtaking world of Caravel!
  8. Romanov by Nadine Brandes May 7th, 2019- Nadine takes the most beautiful bookstagram photos, and her books are always SO different! Historical fantasy is something I don’t have much experience with, but am always excited to read, and this one about Anastasia Romanov, is going to be SO GOOD. (here’s my review of her other historical fantasy, Fawkes)
  9. The Number of Love by Roseanna M. White June 4th, 2019- WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME ROSEANNA M. WHITE WAS RELEASING A NEW BOOK???? I absolutely love her Shadows Over England series, and somehow I didn’t find out about her new series??? Needless to say, I’M SO EXCITED I COULD SCREAM FOREVER. (I also met her last year and I’m lowkey still screaming about that)
  10. Book 3 of the The Blood Race trilogy by K. A. Emmons ???- The title, cover, and release date for this isn’t even out yet and already I’m pumped for this one. kate is just a MASTER at words and I’m so looking forward to seeing what book 3 is going to give us.
  11. Fire Storm by Nancy Mehl (Kaley Quinn Profiler #2) August 6th, 2019- AHHH I’m so pumped for this book! I love Christian suspense books, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the first book in this series, and I CAN’T WAIT for the next one in the series!

The problem with making these yearly comprehensive lists so early on in the year is because a bunch of the books coming out later in the year aren’t even listed . . . but I guess that means I’ll have to make another one of these posts soon . . . my loss I guess🤷.

There are also a BUNCH of books in a series coming out this year that I reallyyyyy want to read, especially in the YA fiction world, but I haven’t read the first one in the series yet, so I’m not quite ready for them yet. I have my work cut out for me XD

Now it’s your turn! What is your most anticipated read of 2019? Are there any on this list that have now been added to your TBR pile? Let me know in the comments!

What’s in My Bullet Journal: New Year, New Set Up || Bullet Journaling

Hi everybody! Welcome to a really fun post: a bullet journal post! I always love putting these posts together, but haven’t done one in over a year . . . so I figured it was high time to do another one! I’ve learned so much about bullet journaling over the year I haven’t done these posts, and I’m very excited to show you!

what's in my bullet journal 2019

I set up new year’s bullet journal while I was watching AmandaRachLee‘s 2019 Plan With Me video, so you’ll see that a lot of my set up is very similar to what she has. You’ll also notice that I use my Zebra Mildliners a lot for this set up: I realized that I’d gotten them last year but had never use them yet, so I decided to pull them out and give them a shot, and I LOVE them!!

So to start off, this is my “welcome to 2019” page. I don’t really like to do quote pages and stuff, so it’s has 2019 on it in big numbers, then it has all of my New Year’s Resolutions for this year on it as well.

Next, this is an idea directly taken from Amanda’s video, but I have a grid spacing page. This page has the boxes (rows and columns) numbered, and it also has how the page would be divided up. I’m not sure exactly how useful it will be to me, since I know pretty much how I divide up pages (especially since I’ve used this bullet journal notebook for over a year now), but it will be a handy reference to have, should I need it.
Then for the first spread, I have a future log: this is the first time that I’ve actually used a future log (this log is also taken straight from her video), but it looks really good and I’m excited to see how it’s going to work!
And then, I have my yearly goal tracker; so for my new year’s resolutions, I was going to try to make 3 fair projects a month, and also blog all through the year, and this page is a tracker for that. (It only goes until August because that’s when my bullet journal is going to run out of pages and I switch over to a new one). The first three rows in every month are for the fair entries, and the last ones are for blogposts. (also, can you spot the typo? I clearly went to kindergarten)
And for yearly trackers, I also have my photo a day tracker. I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to use it, but the left side is for special events, such as hang outs with my friends. I’ll use that to track my photos for those. On the right side are 365 boxes, and I’ll check one off every time I take a photo.
Up next I have my winter break to-do list. I have over a month of winter break, and I want to be as productive over that time as I can, so I have a list of 100 things I want to accomplish before I start school again.
After that is my January spread! I changed it up a bit from how I had it for 2017 and 2018, but it’s still a little bit similar. In the top left corner I have my Monthly Goals, and to the right of that is a month-at-a-glance overview calendar. Below the calendar is a space to write what I did each day in the month. To the right of that is sort of a blank space? I’m using that to write down my morning routine, but I still have to figure out a morning routine that works well for me, so it’s mostly blank still.
I also have my habits tracker for January! This is another idea taken from Amanda’s video, with the individual calendars for tracking. Previously, I’d only used the one page every-habit-is-a-row kind of tracker and this one looked like a fun (and cute!) one for a change. I’m not sure if I want to continue using this one though, because the spread /is/ very time consuming to make.
Finally, I have my weekly spread! I use this style weekly spread on weeks where I don’t have a lot of hard deadlines but still have lots of things I need to get done. I have my appointments on the right side, and my to-do list on the left.

And that’s it! I had a ton of fun making spreads that were in a different style (I’d used what I’d been using previously for over 2 years), and I’m looking forward to see how these spreads work out!

What is your favorite spread out of this set? Do you bullet journal? How did you get ready for 2019? Let me know, I’d love to hear! (if you made a bullet journal blogpost/video, leave me the link!!)

Blog Tour: Reveries Co. || Independent Author Services || Book Bundle GIVEAWAY!!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year, and happy first post of 2019!! Today, I get to be part of a really cool blog tour: one that offers independent author services, and at the end, there’s going to be a GIVEAWAY!

About Reveries Co.-

Kellyn Roth was designing a site for her cover design business when she realized she needed a shiny, flashy tagline. So she started thinking about her goals as a service provider. She wanted to help authors succeed, and make sure “every writer got the best services, personalized to their needs, at the best prices.

However, she didn’t have the expertise she needed to offer a one-stop-shop for those who needed those services but couldn’t afford them, couldn’t find the right providers, and even struggled to know what they needed.

So Kellyn began planning … and in no time,

Reveries Co. Was Born!

Partnering with her friend, Angela R. Watts, she came up with a business plan, an application form, and a website.

Now over fifteen service providers have joined Reveries Co.’s forces, from seasoned professionals like Savannah Jezowski, Jessica Greyson, and Abigayle Claire to up-and-coming entrepreneurs like Charis Rae, Jessie Bingham, and Michaela Bush.

Reveries Co. is dedicated to providing quality, personalized services for an affordable price. Their #1 goal is seeing you succeed in your writing endeavors, and they even offer services such as consulting to give you the knowledge you need to go forward!

To quote Kell:

“I firmly believe that with hard work and a little elbow grease, anyone can develop a career and business in the writing field. However, I acknowledge that we all need some help from time to time. We’re here to offer that help quickly and easily.”

Their team is a carefully-selected task force of experienced designers, editors, proofreaders, and other professionals, several of whom are authors themselves. Most of them have multiple years of experience and all have proven themselves to be consistent and trustworthy workers who offer quality services. They’re a team, and they function as one, helping each other succeed as well as authors.

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter


The first item of importance is the giveaway! This giant book bundle has over 30+ books–a combination of e-books and paperbacks, genres and subgenres–by Kellyn herself as well as Savannah Jezowski, Jessica Greyson, Rebekah Morris, Kendra E. Ardnek, and others!


Facebook Party-

The official Facebook launch party will be at the end of this week (Saturday the 5th) from 12 PM to 3 PM PST.

Kellyn will be hosting a live video and taking our questions, assuming the internet cooperates, and there will be several giveaways, service provider spotlights, and other fun features. They’ll also be offering a bunch of exclusive discounts and giveaways, so be sure to check in then!



Throughout the tour, Reveries Co. is offering exclusive discounts. Everything from editing to book cover design to consulting has an extreme cut taken out of the price … but they only have a limited amount of spaces available.

Everything from 15% to 30% off of a bunch of different services – from editing to interior formatting to book cover design to website design! They even offer specialized coaching packages!

Book Now!

Blog Tour-

Tuesday, January 1st
Interview with Founder // Kendra E. Ardnek @ Knitted by God’s Plan
Spotlight // Abigail Harder @ Books, Life, and Christ
Announcement from Founder // Lila Diller @ Creating Romance

Wednesday, January 2nd
Announcement // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries
Spotlight // Mukta A @ Born Free
Interview with the Co-Manager // Jo A @ The Lens & the Hard Drive
Announcement from Founder // A. Kaylee @ Kaylee’s Kind of Writes
Guest Post from Founder // Emily Yager
Interview with Founder // Dawn Dagger
Announcement from Founder // Eva-Joy @ Coffee, Classics, and Craziness

Thursday, January 3rd
Interview with Co-Manager // Michaela Bush @ Tangled Up In Writing
Spotlight // Jessica Greyson
Interview with Founder // Parker Hankins @ Pencils and Pianos
Guest Post by Founder // Merie Shen @ Imperial Scribis
Announcement from Founder // Jana T. @ Reviews From the Stacks
Announcement from Founder // Hanne T. @ Losing The Busyness

Friday, January 4th
Announcement from Founder // Deborah @ Reading on the Edge
Announcement from Founder // Katherine Brown Books
Guest Post from Founder // Julia Witmer
Announcement from Founder // Jessie Bingham
Spotlight // Loretta @ Just Writing
Interview with Co-Manager // Isabel Olivetti @ Chasing Fantasia

Saturday, January 5th
Spotlight // Abigayle Claire @ The Left-Handed Typist
Spotlight // Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura
Announcement from Founder // Faith Blum @ Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections
Guest Post from Founder // R.M. Archer @ Scribes & Archers
Wrapup // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries

If you’re an author or a writer, definitely check Reveries Co. out! And go enter the giveaway!!!

What Happened This Month: December 2018 || Blogmas 2018 Day 30

Hey everyone!! We’re almost done with the month, and the year!! Today, I’m doing the last monthly recap of 2018!! So let’s get started!

Blogmas Day 30 2018.png




  • Listening to all of Handel’s Messiah on a Saturday before finals week
  • Setting up your new bullet journal and being aBSOLUTELY PUMPED for the new year
  • Realizing that Instagram has pretty great face filters now????
  • Getting a large mens sweater on sale and it being the ACTUAL BEST THING EVER
  • Realizing the Windows 10 Instagram app has DMs on desktop!!!


  • Realizing you have 21 books to read to hit your GoodReads goal . . . after you lower your goal
  • Watching 7 episodes of b99 instead of studying for your finals
  • Putting the phrase “this one is one about one” in a blogpost, whilst writing blogposts at 1am
  • Hand-writing a card and having the thought ‘I could put an emoji here’ pass through your brain ><
  • This

Blog News-

Well I did Blogmas, so go read through that for a list of posts I wrote. Or come back tomorrow and I’ll have the list too!


  • Views: 227
  • Visitors: 98
  • Countries Viewed From-
    • United States
    • Germany
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • India
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Ireland
    • Czech Republic

December Goals WrapUp

  1. Finish out finals! Done.
  2. Less than 4 hours on my phone every day.  Done.
  3. Read a book every day  (finish out GoodReads challenge). Lol no, and no.
  4. Do blogmas! kiiiiinda???
  5. Do something productive everyday. … … … that goal was as sketchy as my accomplishment of it

January Goals

And that’s a wrap for the year! I’ll be back tomorrow to wrapup Blogmas, but aside from that, I’m done for the year! What was the best thing that happened to you this month?

Media This Month: December 2018 || Blogmas 2018 Day 29

Well, December (and thus, Blogmas) is coming to an end, and I figured we’d wrap up this month as well! So here we go, fun media things this month!

Blogmas Day 29 2018.png


Cool Musical Finds-

Cool Blogposts Read-

december 26 by Sarah

Do YA Books Have Too Much Romance? by Cait

Great Videos Watched-

The internet LITERALLY BROKE in December 2018. HOLY HECK.

Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) gave birth || Cole and Savannah also gave birth || Oscar and Kyra got engaged || (as well as that other youtuber but I don’t watch her lol) || my brain is BROKEN || and of course, there was just VLOGMAS

and then there’s also this one

Twitter Finds-

(language warning)

What was the biggest thing (in your opinion) that happened on YouTube this month? What cool media thing did you see this month? Let me know!

January 2019 Goals || Blogmas 2018 Day 27

Hey everyone! Guess what, it’s another wrapup post! Today, I’m setting my goals for January: it makes my yearly goals that much more easy to work towards.

Blogmas Day 27  2018.png

So my college does this thing that’s really nice where school doesn’t start back up for me until the 28th???? Which gives me a WHOLE MONTH OF BREAK still???? Which is SUPER nice???? That means that I have nearly all of January to do ALL THE THINGS: artsy things, crafts, blogposts, ALL OF IT.

So, with that, here are my January goals!

  • read 25 books
  • write a blogpost every day
  • finish out college work from the first semester
  • 5 blogging comments a day (4 blogs that I already read and 1 new one!)
  • 7 arts projects
  • purge and clean room

What are your goals for January? When do you start school back up? Let me know!

2018 Reflections/2019 Resolutions || Blogmas 2018 Day 25

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope your day is filled with loveliness, warmth, and love!

Today, we’re recapping how I did on my 2018 goals, and also setting my 2019 goals!

Blogmas Day 25 2018.png

Bloggy Stats:

  • 257 posts (47 posts written)
  • 3193 visitors
  • Visitors from 81 different countries
  • 392 blogstagram followers
  • 339 Twitter followers
  • 53 Pinterest followers
  • 17 Facebook likes

Blog Highlights

  • Ran an interview series, where I interviewed 14 different creatives
  • Started a Facebook page for the blog!
  • Finally changed my blog name to something that people will remember: Losing the Busyness!
  • I also did my first Q+A!
  • Also started college and ran out of time to blog for 3 months #oops

Most Popular Posts

to my writer friends // Growing Up is Overrated // A Week In My Life || Senior Year // Helpful Answers to Unhelpful Searches // Instagram is TOO AESTHETIC || How to Do a Social Media Purge

2018 Resolutions

  1. Do monthly goals. Vaguely: I kept a list of goals in my bullet journal every month . . . whether I actually accomplished most of these is a different story. Success.
  2. Read my Bible daily and also keep a journal/prayer journal daily. Yikes. I definitely did Bible reading more than half the year . . . but that’s the level of certainty I’m at, and I most certainly didn’t journal. Fail.
  3. Get out of bed for the day (aka don’t get back into bed once I get up in the morning). I think overall, I did pretty well on this one: I don’t have exact statistics, but I definitely spent more time AWAKE than I did the end of last year, so I’m going to count that! Success.
  4. Spend more time unplugged. …ooF. I don’t have a way that I measured that, so I can’t tell much either way. I suspect I failed this one. I’ll do it again next year, but with an actual measurable way to do it this time! Fail.
  5. Brush my teeth before I go to bed at night. I think I actually did this! At the very least, I missed a lot less than I was at the end of last year, so I’ll count it! Success.
  6. Give up carbonated drinks, bread, rice, chips, and cake. Yes! I actually managed to cut out these things from my diet (though on occasion, chips and cake are HARD), and I’m very happy with that! Success.
  7. Make money with one of my hobbies (art/blogging/etc). oof, not yet! Still a dream of mine, but just . . . not yet.  😦 Fail.

4/7, which is more than half??

2018 Happenings

    • Went on a ski retreat with my youth group that was super fun! (Jan)
    • Finished my college applications! (Jan)
    • Got my senior pictures taken! (Feb)
    • Attended my last SciOly tournament (Apr)
    • Confirmed which college I was going to! (Apr)
    • Took my last AP tests, bringing me up to a grand total of 8 (May)
    • Wrote a recap of my time in Science Olympiad that was 10K words (May)
    • GRADUATED (June)
    • Went on a month-long trip to visit family (June)
    • Actually started practicing driving (Aug)
    • Bought 36 discounted fair tickets and finagled getting them out to people (Aug)
    • Got more involved in the college ministry at my church (Sept)
    • Got baptized (!!!!) (Sept)
    • Realized exactly what growing up meant and dealt with a lot of Feelings (Oct)
    • boy (Dec)
    • Finished my first semester of college! (Dec)

2019 Resolutions

  1. Do monthly goals
  2. Read my Bible and do a devotional everyday
  3. Write in a journal at least 5 days a week
  4. Develop a morning routine (updating monthly) and stick to it
  5. Drink 3 quarts of water every day
  6. Turn off electronics at midnight during college, and by 10pm not during college
  7. Memorize either a Bible chapter or literary work every month
  8. Revamp my Instagram and maybe actually stick to a theme for once
  9. Grow my platforms: Post at least one Instagram story, one tweet, and blog comment a day
  10. Set a daily task and finish that task (i.e., stop procrastinating)
  11. Make 3 fair entries a month
  12. Be more intentional about taking photos
  13. Not take an unplanned hiatus from the blog
  14. Only eat carbs one meal a day (on top of giving up the aforementioned list)

What big milestones did you hit this year? What’s something you want to try next year? Let me know! Merry Christmas!