I’M BACK! || My Summer Bucket List and GIVEAWAY!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve finished my freshman year of college (?!?!?! yeah, I’m amazed too), and I’m back and hopefully better than ever! In this post, I’ll be giving a little recap on my life over the past few months, and then share my summer 2019 bucket list. Finally, I’ll be including a giveaway (!!!) to thank you all for sticking around during my months and months, and months, and months of accidental hiatus.

I'm Back!.png

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash, editing via Canva by myself

What I’ve Been Up To

So . . . what have I been up to? Well, I finished my second semester of college, which means I’ve officially finished my first year of college!! *insert celebratory balloons, confetti, music, and whatever else you deem necessary* I’ve learned so much this year, not just about the things that I studied, but also about myself, my friends, living alone, and God. It was a really fun year, though not without its own struggles. (I realized that I, a homeschooler, was, surprise, surprise, REAL BAD at taking tests. Finals week was . . . a train wreck).

However, I also had the opportunity to make a great group of friends, as well as join a Bible study, where I met some awesome girls that I even got to go to church with a couple of times! Close to the end of the year, I decided to change my major from biochemistry to a psychology and biology double major, which is very exciting: I’m so much more pumped for the next years than I was!

I’m on vacation right now with my family, visiting extended family. While we’ve been here, I’ve been catching up on a lot of book reviews and reading in general, which is really nice: I’ve missed just being able to /read/ a lot! I’ve also managed to stilL be ahead on my GoodReads reading challenge??? How does that happen??? This has never happened????

With all that’s been happening, I’ve still been on the internet scene, a bit, even if I haven’t been blogging! I’ve been REALLY on top of my Instagram game, if I do say so myself! I’ve really enjoyed taking and editing photos to fit my feed, and the accompanying growth has been really fun too! Here’s my latest post!


I’ve also still been tweeting sporadically on my Twitter. In addition, I was introduced to kittens game at college, which is a completely nonsensical idle game that I’ve spent probably too much a lot of time on. (I probably have an addictive personality . . . oops)

My Summer Bucket List

Since we’ve been on an extended vacation, I don’t anticipate a road trip/vacation, and I’m planning for a very at-home summer.

  1. Clean the house and donate things
  2. Go to a baseball game
  3. Make my blog something I’m proud of/update my social medias
  4. Make a piece of art every day
  5. Read 40 books
  6. Finish my psychology class
  7. Learn statistics
  8. Get my driver’s license!
  9. Go to a sunflower field
  10. Watch 10 movies
  11. Go visit my college friends
  12. Cook 5 things I’ve not cooked before

The Giveaway

And now for the part of the post you’ve all been waiting for! You can enter to win either a $10 Amazon giftcard, or a book of your choice from Book Depository!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


(the rafflecopter doesn’t embed in my page, but here’s a preview of what’s on it!)

Happy summer! Have you entered the giveaway? What are some things that you’ve put on YOUR summer bucket list?



Blog Tour: Fire Starter || Guest Post From Livy Lynn: How to Create Your Blogging Business Plan

Hey guys! Today, I’m here with a super exciting post: a blog tour post! And not just any blog tour, it’s a blog tour for Fire Starter, which is a program that helps you launch your blog! I was able to beta test some of the program, and I learned so much from it, even after blogging for four years!

Fire Starter was created by Livy Lynn and today, she’s here to talk about how to create your blogging business plan! Take it away, Livy!

Fire Starter Blog Tour.png

Did you know there’s a vast variety of ways you can earn income from one your favorite hobbies: blogging?

If you spend much time on Pinterest I’m sure you’ve seen the flashy articles claiming to teach you the secrets of six-figure blogging, or how to explode your web traffic. While the sparkly titles sound promising, the content is usually disappointing as you discover you’re either going to have to

  • Buy something
  • Become a full time, 7 day a week blogger
  • Devote the rest of your life to mastering the algorithms of Pinterest!

And while learning that you you might have to spend the rest of your life on Pinterest isn’t necessarily a bad thing (can’t get enough of those cute puppies and stellar shoes! Hehehe) there is a better way to do it.

The truth is, you can develop a plan to slowly start earning income on your blog even if you’re not a full time blogger.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this post! Creating your Blogging Business Plan!

Deciding What Works Best for You

One of the dangers in attempting copy-and-paste formulas from Pinterest, is it doesn’t give you room to do you. Every blogger is different, with a vast variety of goals, dreams, and ideas of what they’d like to get in return for all their hard work.

I think it’s important for each blogger to have personalized plan, something that works within their time restraints and truly helps launch them toward their goals. That’s why as much as I love writing articles about this topic my favorite thing to do is sit down, one-on-one with authors and bloggers, and ask them where they’re at right now, where they’d like to be in the future, then create a customized Game Plan, a road map to help them achieve their goals! My amazing friend Bella and I do this with our Cheerleader Sessions via Skype (we’re giving away a FREE session at the end of the post, so keep reading!) and if you’re really serious about developing a business plan for your blog, I’d highly recommend that.

But, even if you never do a session with us, I’d like to give you an overview of the 7 streams of income you can potentially earn from your blog!

  • Hosting Ads
    This includes both Google adsense ads and self-hosted ads, where you sell space on your side bar, or sponsored content.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    One of my favorite monetization options is the Amazon Affiliate Program. As you know, Amazon.com boasts millions of products. It’s a popular, well trusted website that nearly everyone shops from! They sell books, movies, CD’s, toys, and even adorable little clothes for your puppy dog. Basically, they have something for everyone. They also have something for every website. Whether your unique niche is focused on raising the perfect puppy, Bible journaling, or Christian music reviews, you can find a way to earn some extra income with Amazon!
  • Print on Demand Products
    This includes any physical products such as mugs, phone cases, pillows, and even (my personal favorite) self-published books.
  • E-Books
    “What? E-books?” I hear you question, “How can someone possibly earn money off of e-books when they’re only selling for .99 cents?!” Many authors have been successful with selling e-books, but I’d like to invite you to think beyond these small price points, into something bigger. Something much, much bigger, which applies to you, even if you’re not a fiction author.Creating a non-fiction e-book chock full of valuable information which your blog readers are already craving, can be marketed and sold with huge profit margins.
  • Creating an Online Course
    In today’s day and age, so much of our learning happens online. You can learn pretty much anything on the internet! Creating an online course for your blog followers is a great way to package everything you wish to share, for those who desire to dig deeper into your content, and this has very large margins as well!
  • Selling Your Services
    What is it that you’re really, really good it? Designing web pages? Editing or offering feedback on the writing of others? Creating recipes with yummy organic foods? Helping your family get organized? Painting? Interior design? Crafting? Writing songs?Your special, unique giftings are needed by the people who read your blog! The more you can zero in on ways you can offer helpful, unique, valuable services to your readers, the closer you are to earning some more income!
  • Use Your Influence
    Working with sponsored post companies, creating package deals for clients who wish to advertise with you, and brainstorming creative ways to connect businesses with your following, is all part of being an online influencer!

Where Do I Begin?

Do any or all of the above ideas sound exciting? Are you ready to dive in and start earning income from your blog? Sounds amazingly fun, right?!

But where you begin?

If you’re serious about making your blogging dreams become a reality, I would encourage you to enter our giveaway for a free Cheerleader Session! (Don’t worry, if you’re camera shy, we can totally do it via email.)

Bella and I know that growing an online platform takes work and patience. But we also know that when you have a clear roadmap with consistent, daily steps, you CAN accomplish your goals and dreams!

Entering for a chance to win is super simple! Just hop on over to my blog and sign up for my free email updates (and I’ll throw in a free e-book, just to say thanks!) and you’re all set!

Good luck! Bella and I can’t wait to meet you and help create your Game Plan!

Or, if you’re a blogger who’s looking for a pre-made Game Plan, we have that too!

I’m SO excited to share my 20 Day video series for bloggers! It’s called Fire Starter: Launching a Blog that Blazes! This interactive course teaches bloggers (both old and new) how to create their dream blog or website, monetize their site, AND give them all the tools, encouragement, and support needed to be truly successful on their journey! The Fire Starter course is listed at $150.00 but we have a special code for you to get $100 off! Simply grab the coupon code on my website and add it to the cart when checking out, and you’re all set!

You can check that out here!

I hope this post has been an encouragement to you and that you’ll follow through with grabbing your Game Plan by either entering the Giveaway above, or checking Fire Starter out! (Or, bonus points for both!)

Love and blessings to you all!

~Livy Lynn

About the Author:

Livy Lynn is a twenty-something author, singer, and songwriter. She enjoys crafting YA fiction that is pure, lovely, inspirational, and of course, entertaining! When she’s not writing, you can usually find her playing guitar, blogging, drinking peppermint tea, connecting with new friends, planning her next trip to Disney, or pinning images of Europe and Golden Retriever Puppies!

Come get connected at www.livylynnblog.com

What are you waiting for? Go check out Fire Starter, to get tips and tricks like this and many more about blogging!

25 Blogs to Follow Before 2019 || Blogmas 2018 Day 22

Hey everyone! It’s Saturday, which means . . . another list of 25 people to follow!! Today, we’re wrapping up this series with 25 Blogs to Follow Before 2018!

Blogmas Day 22 2018.png

  1. Abbiee by Abbie– writing, music, goal setting, blogging
  2. An Odd Blog by Evangeline– books, lifestyle, writing, more books
  3. Autumn’s Readings and Writings by Autumn– travel photography, lifestyle, food
  4. Beautifully Broken by Kara– thoughts, encouragement, Christian living, book reviews
  5. Between the Pages of This Bookish Life by Shantelle– books, life, storytelling, tags
  6. Close to Nothing by Keira– books, movies, photography, discussions, words
  7. Dreaming of Guatemala by Maggie– lifestyle, decor, family,
  8. February Fairy by Ella– lifestyle, tips, blogging, pink
  9. Inspiring Writes by Savannah Grace– writing, book reviews, book lists
  10. Lady Grace: A Gentle and Quiet Spirit by Grace– discussions, living for God, women’s living
  11. Paper Fury by Cait– books, dragons, sass, color
  12. Paper Pizza by Kenzie– books, fangirling, life advice, yellow
  13. Simply Me by Vanessa– health, fitness, encouragement, a friendly face
  14. Summer of 1999 by Olivia– aesthetics, words, your whole heart
  15. Sunshine and Scribblings by Mary– books, writing, lifestyle, college
  16. Julia Ryan by Julia– lifestyle, hilarious spontaneity, words, thoughts, aesthetics
  17. the goodness revolt by kate– writing, wandering, fire power
  18. The Hardworking Creative by Hailey– inspiration, creativity, tips, young creatives
  19. The Introverted Extrovert by Sarah– lifestyle, quotes, gorgeous photos, coziness
  20. The Miss Charley by Charley– books, movies, lifestyle, honesty, college
  21. This Stack of Books by Grace– reading, lists, tags, recommendations
  22. Totally Graced by Grace– words, writing, heart
  23. Truly Beautiful by Abby Rose– advice, thoughts, God, dating
  24. Twilight To Dawn by Julia– power, photos, poetry
  25. Virtually Read by Shanti and Shar– reading, discussions, reviews, thoughts, life

There you have it: 25 of my favorite blogs! Go give them a follow! Are there ones not on the list that you love? Drop a link down below and share the love! Happy day-before-Christmas-Eve!

Welcome to Blogmas! | Blogmas 2018 Day 1

Well. I’M BACK! which should be how I start every blogpost now; I’m so inconsistent ><

But as you MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED, I’m doing BLOGMAS this year!

Blogmas Day 1 2018


Finals season is coming up, so I’m not exactly sure how many days I’ll be able to do, but I’m going to do my best to post everyday in December; we’ll see how that turns out. I’m hoping for the best!

In the meantime, my friends Hailey and Charley are also doing blogmas! They’re definitely going to do much better than me, so go check out their blogs! It’s going to be an exciting month!

Are you excited for Blogmas 2018? What would you like to see this month? Bookish things? Bullet journal posts? I haven’t been blogging for a while, so hit me with your best post suggestions and maybe I’ll do one!



LOSING THE BUSYNESS || oops I did it again || BLOG RELAUNCH (v 2.0)

If you’re seeing this then . . . I’M RELAUNCHING!!! (again) (for the second time) (except this time I’m relaunching after a 3 month break instead of before)

Welcome to . . . LOSING THE BUSYNESS!

Losing the Busyness.png

As you may have noticed, I kinda . . . fell off the internet for a nice three months? Thanks to a combinations of college, moving out, and, well, college, I’ve had all my time sucked away into a vortex of . . . you guessed it, college.

But. I’ve missed this! And blogging’s been on my mind for most of the time . . . so what else would I do but come back! And I’m finally changing my domain to something that’s not utter gibberish!! What a concept!!!

Right now, my life is super busy, as you might expect from being in college full time, and I’ve told myself that I’m too busy to blog. However, I came across a quote by Brittany Burgunder that says,

It’s surprising how much free time and productivity you gain when you lose the busyness in your mind.

And I really like that! Instead of telling myself “oh I’m too busy I can’t blog,” I’m going to try to stop telling myself I’m too busy and just Do Things™.

Welcome to Losing the Busyness!

Despite what I’m saying about being busy, I’m still quite unsure how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to blogging, so I’ll try for blogposts every Tuesday at 12pm EST, but it might be a little more sporadic than that. I’ll also be posting book reviews whenever I have time to write them!


In honor of the relaunch, I’m doing the relaunch Q+A! that I was going to do 3 months ago

From Evangeline:
1. Is there a book that changed your life?
Well, the Bible obviously. Aside from that? Not that I can think of; books in general have changed my life, but not one in particular.
2. What is something that people wouldn’t expect about you?
Hm. I’m not sure? I’m generally pretty open about everything, but I guess something my Internet People wouldn’t expect would be that I’m going to college to study science, which is quite different from most of my other friends!
3. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I like how I generally don’t care a lot? Not as in, I’m unemphatic or anything like that, but I don’t really care how I don’t necessarily feel like I need to have an opinion about everything, especially about things such as politics or relationships, which has helped me here at college. I also like how willing I am to help other people: I love helping other people, and I’m happy to help people with whatever they need.
4. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
I care too much about what people think, which is really not a good trait, especially when I’m living in an environment where everyone’s worldview is very different from mine. I also really don’t like how I’m terrible at managing time, and is usually unmotivated enough to not do anything about it.


From Julia:
When was the time when everything changed in your relationship with God (like when did you really start getting serious about living as a Christian and what caused that?)
I don’t know of a specific time when “EVERYTHING CHANGED,” but I remember one specific day sophomore year, where God very visibly spoke to me, and I think that was the moment where I actually realized that God was real.

From Grace Anne:
1. What are you most looking forward to about college?
(lol well I’m in college now) I’d say the thing I was looking most forward to was having more independence to keep my own schedule, which sounds incredibly selfish, but being able to go out whenever I want, or do work whenever I want, or eat whenever I want was what I looked forward to, and has appreciated! And of course, going to classes at my dream school.
2. Favorite song?
Oh man, there’s so many! One of my top favorites is Light It Up by Keeley Elise. It’s such an important message and a happy song in general! I love it.
3. Dream job?
Honestly some sort of food retail? or like retail in general? Like I said, I love helping people, and while I’ve never actually worked a food retail job for long period (everyone who works food retail just started laughing at me), the couple of days I have, I’ve loved it!
4. What has been your favorite part of blogging?
Definitely the community! I’ve been able to talk to bloggers from all over the United States, and even all over the world, who have had similar interests to mine, which I’ve not been able to have in real life, and it’s been amazing!


From Brooklyne:
1. Favorite dog breed?
Beagles!! They are so absolutely adorable! Runner ups are labs (especially golden labs), and terriers!
2. Favorite comfort food?
*pounds fists on table* MAC AND CHEESE! (I swear I’m not actually six three year olds in a trenchcoat)
3. Favorite time to read?
Weekends, preferably rainy ones. But anytime, because anytime to read is a treat now yikes.
4. Favorite color?
Shades of blue, or colors with blue! (so cool colors, haha!)
5. Favorite outfit?
A knitted sweater, jeans or leggins, and boots! It’s so basic, but I love it: it’s comfy,
6. Favorite college class?
So far? Geology100. (LOL I did just switch my blog name from Rock and Minerals hahaha oops)
7. Favorite book in the Bible?
I love Proverbs, and I also really love 1 Corinthians! 1 John is also one of my favorites.

From Kenzie:
1. Would you do it for the aesthetic?
A hundred times yes.
2. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
The favorite I mentioned earlier: the community! And least favorite . . . the fact that it does kind of take up a lot of time. Writing posts, doing social media, interacting with other blogs, and building connections all take time throughout the week: it’s like a part-time job!


From Olivia:
What is your favorite thing to blog about?
Definitely lifestyle! Too bad my life isn’t interesting enough to have a whole lifestyle blog for, haha!

From Sean:
Pineapple on pizza yay or nay?

From Su-Ji:
1. How did you choose which colleges you wanted to apply to?
I’m literally the worst person to ask for this, because I applied to SO MANY. I had a list of schools I wanted to apply to, my mom had a list, and my dad had a list, and I applied to just all of them. Realistically, I chose some schools that I wanted to go to (the one I’m going to right now, my state school, has been my dream school for yeaRS), and applied to those, plus a few reach schools.
2. What’s your favorite quote from your favorite book?
Hmm. Like I said earlier, I don’t think I have a favorite book? But one of my favorites is “Life is worth living as long as there is a laugh in in,” in Anne of Green Gables!
3. Favorite type of rain? (drizzle, light, pouring, thunderstorm, etc.)
I’d have to say pouring rain, but not while it’s windy. That’s the absolute worst weather to walk in.
4. First social media platform?
Google Plus (hehe), but then after that, my blog (if that counts), Twitter, then Instagram!
5. What’s a language you always wanted to learn but didn’t have the time/discipline to?
German! And also Japanese or Korean. 🙂
6. Best Disney score/OST?? Broadway Musical?
Beauty and the Beast or Moana, for Disney. And for Broadway, definitely hamilton!

From Esther:
How did you decide your college major??
I talked a little about it here, but basically I want to help do research for childhood cancer, and that’s the reason I’m studying biochemistry here. I’m also really interested in sleep and how to optimize that, as well as how personality is developed, so that’s the reason I’m doing psych/neurobiology (haven’t decided which yet!)

That’s it! Thank you all for your questions! I’m super excited to be back to blogging again on my shiny new blog!!

I’ve been away for a while. What’s been going on with you? How has this school year been treating you? Are you in school, or are you out of school? What’s something new that’s happened in your life recently? What’s one language you’ve always wanted to learn!


HELLO PEOPLE! Well guess what!

It’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I relaunched my blog! sure I did forget to post for 3 months after I relaunched the blog, but that’s beSIde the point.

So, to celebrate, I’m DOING AN Q AND A!

1 Year Relaunch.png

I’ve never actually done a Q + A on my blog before, so I’m super excited! Ask me anything–blogging related, college, life things, book things, ANYTHING–and I’ll answer them in my next blogpost!

So! What are you waiting for??? ASK ME YOUR QUESTIONS!!!

(also I move to college in a week so a. that’s wiLD and b. get ready to see a bunch of back to school/dorm/college posts)

Helpful Answers to Unhelpful Searches || Odd Blog Searches

As someone who has a blog on the internet, people get on my blog. Sometimes, they search things, and while searching for them, get onto my blog. Today, I’m going to be helping those who were kindly directed to my blog from search engines!

idea taken from based off of Hailey Hudson and Cait

helpful answers to unhelpful questionsPhoto by La Caravan on Unsplash, edited by me on Canva

what happened in ireland january beats me? google tells me that in Ireland, there’s a handshake ban going on in churches right now, maybe you’re looking for that?

i ate sum pie good for you! (also, you spelled ‘some’ wrong)

lowkey lazy journal um. well…if you’re lowkey lazy, maybe just write one sentence a day? that’s the way to journal that would expend the least amount of energy, in my humble opinion.

sorceress blog that’s me. I’m the sorceress. welcome to my blog.

how to write a chellenging to my pastor not exactly sure what a chellenging is? Is that, like a challenge? Don’t come to me for that–I deal with socially awkward situations very very poorly. (also I’m not sure it’s the best idea for you to challenge your pastor, but that’s just me)

bullet journal plugin wordpress um…pretty sure a bullet journal is a notebook? not sure how you’re going to download a plugin on WordPress for that. Best of wishes (…?)

duloingo strange things owl says lots of things. duolingo is rather infamous for saying lots of crazy things. here is the blogpost, because I can’t not self-plug, can I?
Not Real

i hate duolingo you and me both

just girly things makeup well you’ve come to the wrong blog, mate. I don’t wear makeup.

And as a small bonus, here are some spam comments that made it unto my blog too:

If a sense of journey and excitement in yⲟur work life is what would sѡimsuit you one of the best, freelancіng may very welⅼ be aan excellent choice fⲟr you! I’m a little wary about what would swimsuit me the best? Thanks for the consideration, though, I am indeed working towards freelancing.

Lee and Larry beloved theіr sixth birthday party. Good to know! Thank you for sharing . . . also, there are still six-year-olds named Larry???larry
The veгry best factor about God is ??? hmmmm?????..? There are lots of amazing ‘factors’ (I wouldn’t use that term, but okay) but in my opinion, the best one is His eternal love and His unchanging grace, even when we do things wrong!

That’s all the one’s I’ll do for now. Have you looked at your blog searches recently? What is the oddest one you’ve seen? How do you lowkey lazy journal?


HELLO EVERYBODY!!! Do you want to be interviewed on my blog? If so, read on!

Blogmas 2017(10)

Next year, I’m planning on doing a (hopefully) monthly series spotlighting various creatives. You get to talk about why you do what you do, what inspires you, and all that fun kind of stuff! You also get to share your art and promote your book

If you’re interested, fill out this form, and I’ll contact you!

And that’s it! I’m looking forward to this!