2019 Reflections/2020 Resolutions || 12 Days of Blogmas 2019 Day 12

Happy Christmas Eve!!! Today is the last day of blogmas, and I’m here with my SIXTH (SIXTH!!) Reflections/Resolutions post! I started in 2014, and here we are now! If you haven’t read any of my previous wrapups, this is where I reflect on what I did this year and look forwards to what I want to do next year!

My 2019 Reflections + 2020 Resolutions

Bloggy Stats:

  • 308 posts (41 posts written)
  • 1158 visitors
  • Visitors from 60 different countries
  • 716 blogstagram followers
  • 415 Twitter followers
  • 81 Pinterest followers
  • 39 Facebook likes

Blog Highlights

  • Actually started working on my Blogstagram, and saw a good amount of growth on there
  • Did my first “real collab” with my friend Abby from Story Eyed
  • Started actually putting in more effort into my blogposts, which meant that there were less blogposts but better quality
    • (although my stats do not reflect that lol)
  • Did 12 Days of Blogmas rather than 25 because that was more doable for me
  • Didn’t see much growth on the blog (read: at all) but did see a pretty big leap in my socials, so that was a nice compromise

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2019 Resolutions

  1. Do monthly goals Uhhhhhhh kinda? I did have better habit setting/tracking throughout the year, although not necessarily explicit /goals/ so I guess that kind of counts? Mostly successful.
  2. Read my Bible and do a devotional everyday I . . . actually could not tell if you if I did more Bible reading this year? This year I actually started studying studying the Bible though, and I feel like I’ve grown more spiritually this year than the past couple of years, so that’s good. I definitely did NOT do a devotional everyday though. Partially successful.
  3. Write in a journal at least 5 days a week HAHAHA no. I journaled every. single. day. in November, and a couple days at the beginning of the year and a couple times sporadically in the middle, but not overall. I wrote 62 entries, so 17% of the year. Considering that I’ve been slightly better at the end of the year than at the beginning, I would count that as a partial success.
  4. Develop a morning routine (updating monthly) and stick to it Again, this was more done at the end of the year, namely November. Since Christmas break in December, I’ve gotten bad at a morning routine again, but this is something I hope to continue in the new year. Mostly fail.
  5. Drink 3 quarts of water every day I drank SO MUCH water this year. Although I definitely didn’t drink 3 quarts of water every day, I did actively try to drink more water, so I will count this as a Success.
  6. Turn off electronics at midnight during college, and by 10pm not during college Urrr sometimes? This goal didn’t really motivate me that much, lol, I just went to bed whenever so I don’t think this really counts? Mostly fail.
  7. Memorize either a Bible chapter or literary work every month LOL NOPE. This did NOT happen. Failure.
  8. Revamp my Instagram and maybe actually stick to a theme for once Yes!!! I actually did this: at the beginning of the year, I shot a bunch of photos and organized them into a feed, and began posting! I’ve posted 132 times, which roughly equals 3 times a week! Success.
  9. Grow my platforms: Post at least one Instagram story, one tweet, and blog comment a day I did not post one comment every day, but I did my best to post one story and one tweet a day. I grew my Instagram and Twitter a bit, but my blog definitely fell by the wayside. Overall, though, I would count it a Success.
  10. Set a daily task and finish that task (i.e., stop procrastinating) I did not do this. I didn’t account for daily tasks in my bullet journal, and so I just kinda forgot about it. This is a goal that is coming back next year. Fail.
  11. Make 3 fair entries a month LOL no. I knit like 6 beanies and did 4 or 5 art projects but that’s about it. I barely participated in the fair as it was. Fail.
  12. Be more intentional about taking photos Yes! This year I set up a “photo a day” spread in my bullet journal and I logged 306 photos from throughout the year! Posting more on my Instagram also helped with this one. Now I have memories from almost every day of the year and that’s super exciting! Success.
  13. Not take an unplanned hiatus from the blog Uh well . . . the whole year was kind of a hiatus, so I definitely did not do this, haha! I did not post at all pretty much September-November. Fail.
  14. Only eat carbs one meal a day (on top of giving up the aforementioned list) This started out pretty strong, but dwindled throughout the year. Overall, I realized that this kind of restriction doesn’t really work great, and next year I will have different dietary goals. Partial success.

roughly 7/14, which is half, and what I shoot for every year, so yay!

2019 Happenings

    • Actually starting curating an Instagram feed (Jan)
    • Wrote my first Science Olympiad exam and proctored my first tournaments (Jan/Feb)
    • Joined a Bible study on campus (Jan)
    • My first Valentine’s day! (Feb)
    • Finished my second semester of college! (May)
    • Went on a month-long trip to visit family (June)
    • Realized I’ve become an ISFJ instead of an ESFP (and had a breakdown about it on Twitter) (Jun)
    • Went on my first double date (Jul)
    • Went to the county fair again (Aug)
    • Started my sophomore year of college!! (Aug)
    • SAW dodie IN CONCERT (Sep)
    • Hosted my first (flash) readathon (Sep)
    • Started #Adulting and actually grocery shopped for myself (Oct/Nov/Dec)
    • Finished my third semester of college! (Dec)

2020 Resolutions

  1. Wake up before 7:30am everyday
  2. Journal at least one line everyday
  3. Memorize Colossians
  4. Go through My Utmost for His Highest devotional
  5. Have one hour to myself for quiet time everyday
  6. Complete all Little Bible Plans
  7. Take one photo every day
  8. Get to 1000 Instagram followers
  9. Restrict my use on social media
  10. No mindless browsing
  11. Practice intermittent fasting
  12. Lead a more nontoxic lifestyle
  13. Post at least two blogposts a month
  14. Get a 70% review ratio on Netgalley
  15. Set monthly goals
  16. Be able to do 10 pushups in a row and a full pullup

Happy end of Blogmas, everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my posts, and I hope you have a WONDERFUL New Year!! What is one New Year’s Resolution you have? What is one thing you accomplished this year?

People of 2019 || 12 Days of Blogmas 2019 Day 11

Hey everyone! Happy Blogmas Day 11! Today’s post is one I like to do at the end of every year, where I look back at my life and thank the people that made the year what it was. I really highly recommend doing this: it really helps me be thankful of the people I have in my life, and makes me that much more grateful for the life that I have!

People of 2019.png

For 2019, I’m thankful for:

  • my mom and dad, obviously, for supporting me and guiding me through this next season of my life
  • my brothers, D+P, for finally starting to understand humor and jokes and memes and becoming friends this year
  • “Grandma” and “Grandpa” B and “Aunt” L, for always having my back spiritually, of course!
  • my cousin, SM, for hanging out with me this year: we actually became friends this year and I’m super happy about that!
  • my boyfriend, MF, for showing me unconditional love, for all of the amazing dates we had and cuddles we did. You’re my favorite person in the whole world, and I will never forget you. I love you so much!
  • RF and AS, for all the fun hangs this year. I can’t believe it’s taken us so many years to actually become friends. Both of you are going to go so far in life, and the battles you faced this year will make you that much stronger in the future!
  • MM, for being such a good friend despite the distance and the busyness; you still connect with me and think about me and point me back to God
  • OS, for being a great roommate, and for all the adventures we shared this year. We are definitely not a typical roommate pair, and I would not have it any other way!
  • MM and KS, for still being friends, even through we haven’t hung out as much this year. I know I can send you both a text and you will support me and understand and listen.
  • CF, for being both my friend from home and also at school, giving me support always
  • NH, NSD, SK, AS, AB, MS, RW, ES, AY, BS, and DB, my college friends, for being with me through the stress, the good days, and the bad.
  • EC, for being my chemistry buddy and for understanding The Struggle
  • my Gemstone team and mentor, for always expanding my mind and challenging my research. I’m looking forwards to the next two years!
  • TL and JL, for giving me an outlet for playing music in college, even though I am nowhere near the caliber of collegiate playing
  • ER, YR, EG, CS, and MC, my Delight girls, who constantly remind me to stay close to God, even when life is hard and it feels like he’s not there
  • my online friends, especially for Abby, Hailey, Grace Anne, Charley, and Olivia, for encouraging me, supporting me, and always being there for me. You all are the best!
  • CS, KG, YT, VM, AM, KC, NW, HN, AZ, and others, my church friends, for always saying hi to me and encouraging me to grow closer to God
  • and God of course, for always being besides me no matter where I am in life and what I do

Who are YOU thankful for this season? Who has poured into you in 2019? Don’t comment if you don’t want to, but I really encourage you to think about who’s been important in your life from year to year!


How I Wrap Up a Year || 12 Days of Blogmas 2019 Day 4

Hi everyone! Today I have a super exciting blogpost to share with you all: it’s how I wrap up a year! Every year, I take the week between Christmas and New Year’s to wrap up my year, and today I’m showing you all what I do!

How I WrapUp a Year.png

You may or may not have gathered this already, but New Year’s is a big deal for me. I love seeing what the past year brought and looking forwards to what the new year will hold. I love introspecting and analyzing my own personality and seeing how I’ve grown. I love making my new bullet journal for the next year. It’s my faaaaaaaaaaaavorite time of year, honestly. 😂

So how do I wrapup my year? There are several components to wrapping up a year for me, and I’ll describe each of these, and how it benefits me:

Books I’ve Read. This one’s pretty easy: I read a Lot of books, and I like seeing stats on what I’ve read this year. I do this in conjunction with my GoodReads reading challenge, and it’s been really fun looking at what books I’ve read throughout the year and remembering my favorites. 🙂 || Books I Read in 2019
People In My Life. I started doing this when I saw a friend do it years ago. I write a list of all the people that are important to me/that have made an impact on me this year, and I write a short thank you note/open letter to each of them. It’s not so much for them as it is for me, and having done it for several years now, I can see all the people who’ve made me who I am, and all the friends that have stayed with me throughout the years versus the ones who’ve gone! || People of 2019
Highlights of the Year. When you’re wrapping up a year, it’s really easy to look at all the things that you didn’t do and think about all the bad things that happened that year. However, I am nothing if not an optimist, and I always really like looking at all the things I’ve accomplished/places I’ve been/people I’ve hung out with/adventures I’ve been on throughout the year! After I make my list, I write them all in my little wall calendar (since I don’t write in it during the year, it’s blank at the end and I fill it up!)

2020-01-14 08.20.00 2.jpg
Goals and Achievements. I like looking at my goals from the previous years to see what all I’ve done towards them. Sometimes it’s not a lot, sometimes it’s quite a bit. Usually, it comes around to 50%, which isn’t the worst success rate in the world! (lol) I reevaluate the goals to see if I still want to implement them in my life, and also appreciate how far since when I set them! ||  2019 Reflections/2020 Resolutions
Setting New Goals. After I look at my old goals, it’s time to set new ones! I think about what things I want to be different in my life, and what habits I want to implement. Most of my goals are more habits, rather than goals goals, and I really like it that way! I see my New Year’s Resolutions as steps to make me a better person than who I am right now, and not as something that will change who I am as a person, and that helps guide how I set my goals. || How To Achieve All of Your 2020 New Years Resolutions
Making My New Bullet Journal. This one’s pretty self explanatory, but I set up my new Bullet Journal for the year, which is my absolute favorite thing to do! I reevaluate what has worked in my bullet journal the last year, and I look at some new spread ideas to log all the new habits I want to be working on! This is hands down my favorite thing to do when wrapping up a year, and it’s awesome! || My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup
Journaling and Introspection. This is really important as well; I’m really prone to just . . . putting everything online, and don’t take the time to introspect, but there’s always a side of wrapping up a year that doesn’t go on the internet. I take some time to journal and pray and introspect and just really think about who I am and how I want to grow and how I’ve already grown, and just look back at my last year of life. I always put it off for a really long time (it really should be the first step, haha), but it’s so important!

I hope that sharing my end of year routine helps you out! It’s not too late to wrap up a year, and I really hope that you do it! Obviously you don’t have to do all of these steps, but take what works for you and run with it! Try some things out, and have fun!

How do you wrap up a year? Are there things that I do that you also do? Are there things that I do that you want to do? Let me know in the comments! I’d loveeeee to chat about the end of the year; it’s my absolute favorite time of year!

How To Achieve All of Your 2020 New Years Resolutions || 12 Days of Blogmas 2019 Day 3

Welcome to Blogmas Day 3! Today, we are going to talk about what I do to achieve all of my New Year’s Resolutions! I have been setting New Year’s Resolutions for six years now (!!!?!), and while I haven’t done The Best™ at achieving all of them, I think I have a pretty good idea on how to actually achieve my New Years Resolutions and today, I’m going to be talking about what I’ve learned!
How To Achieve Everything You Want To Do in 2020

Step 1: Set Good Goals. We’ve all heard the tips about setting good goals: make them specific, break them down, etcetera. But what do they mean exactly? Here is what I think about when I set New Year’s Resolutions:

  • What do I want to change in my life? For example, next year, I want to start waking up before 7:30am. I don’t do that normally, but I want to in 2020! I like listing out all of the things I want to change in my life, however large or small it is. Goals of mine have ranged from “drink more tea” to “practice intermittent fasting,” but they are all things that I want to change in my life in the new year.
  • What is the most reasonable way of accomplishing this goal? Or, how much of this goal will I need to do to feel accomplished? For instance, I set the benchmark for my resolution of waking up early at 7:30, because that is a reasonable time to wake up. Although I would like to wake up earlier, setting my goal to be “wake up at 5am” is not going to be sustainable (for me at least) and will more likely result in my not accomplishing this goal.
    When I set the goal lower than I want, then being able to check the resolution off my list will be a lot easier! While that might mean I won’t be able to exactly accomplish something I want to change in my life, it is a small step in the right direction, which is more than I was at before!
  • How can I break this goal down to make it achievable? One of my goals for 2020 is to start living a more nontoxic lifestyle. Since I’m not currently consciously living a nontoxic life, any step will be more than I’m currently doing. One of the first steps I want to take is to research which products that are the most toxic and begin working on getting those switched out.

2019-10-19 01.28.24 1.jpg

Step 2: Get Started On Your Goals Early It takes three weeks to begin establishing a habit, and two months for it to become ingrained in your life. Getting started with your goals a couple days (or even weeks!) before the New Year hits allows you to test out the feasibility of your goals before the real pressure hits. 

Needing to do a 180-degree turn-around on January 1st is a lot, and if I don’t already have a plan to implement a goal into my life, then the chances of my accomplishing that goal is that much lower. The easier I make my goals and resolutions on myself January 1st, the easier keeping these habits in my life are going to be. 

Step 3: Give Yourself Some Grace Even on the beset days, you mess up. Sometimes you take a step forward but then two steps back. Sometimes you sleep through your alarm. Sometimes, the only option you have is to eat before 9am, or use the not-non-toxic shampoo. That doesn’t mean failure! Get back up and try again.

So often, we aim for perfection, but the whole point of New Year’s Resolutions is not perfection. It’s about trying, and becoming a better person in the end. If you mess up one day, just try again the next! It’s not the end of the world: you are still taking steps to make yourself a better person. And in the end, that’s what matters, isn’t it?

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? What is one you have for 2020? What are some things that you use to help you achieve your goals? Drop me a comment and let me know!

2018 Reflections/2019 Resolutions || Blogmas 2018 Day 25

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope your day is filled with loveliness, warmth, and love!

Today, we’re recapping how I did on my 2018 goals, and also setting my 2019 goals!

Blogmas Day 25 2018.png

Bloggy Stats:

  • 257 posts (47 posts written)
  • 3193 visitors
  • Visitors from 81 different countries
  • 392 blogstagram followers
  • 339 Twitter followers
  • 53 Pinterest followers
  • 17 Facebook likes

Blog Highlights

  • Ran an interview series, where I interviewed 14 different creatives
  • Started a Facebook page for the blog!
  • Finally changed my blog name to something that people will remember: Losing the Busyness!
  • I also did my first Q+A!
  • Also started college and ran out of time to blog for 3 months #oops

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2018 Resolutions

  1. Do monthly goals. Vaguely: I kept a list of goals in my bullet journal every month . . . whether I actually accomplished most of these is a different story. Success.
  2. Read my Bible daily and also keep a journal/prayer journal daily. Yikes. I definitely did Bible reading more than half the year . . . but that’s the level of certainty I’m at, and I most certainly didn’t journal. Fail.
  3. Get out of bed for the day (aka don’t get back into bed once I get up in the morning). I think overall, I did pretty well on this one: I don’t have exact statistics, but I definitely spent more time AWAKE than I did the end of last year, so I’m going to count that! Success.
  4. Spend more time unplugged. …ooF. I don’t have a way that I measured that, so I can’t tell much either way. I suspect I failed this one. I’ll do it again next year, but with an actual measurable way to do it this time! Fail.
  5. Brush my teeth before I go to bed at night. I think I actually did this! At the very least, I missed a lot less than I was at the end of last year, so I’ll count it! Success.
  6. Give up carbonated drinks, bread, rice, chips, and cake. Yes! I actually managed to cut out these things from my diet (though on occasion, chips and cake are HARD), and I’m very happy with that! Success.
  7. Make money with one of my hobbies (art/blogging/etc). oof, not yet! Still a dream of mine, but just . . . not yet.  😦 Fail.

4/7, which is more than half??

2018 Happenings

    • Went on a ski retreat with my youth group that was super fun! (Jan)
    • Finished my college applications! (Jan)
    • Got my senior pictures taken! (Feb)
    • Attended my last SciOly tournament (Apr)
    • Confirmed which college I was going to! (Apr)
    • Took my last AP tests, bringing me up to a grand total of 8 (May)
    • Wrote a recap of my time in Science Olympiad that was 10K words (May)
    • GRADUATED (June)
    • Went on a month-long trip to visit family (June)
    • Actually started practicing driving (Aug)
    • Bought 36 discounted fair tickets and finagled getting them out to people (Aug)
    • Got more involved in the college ministry at my church (Sept)
    • Got baptized (!!!!) (Sept)
    • Realized exactly what growing up meant and dealt with a lot of Feelings (Oct)
    • boy (Dec)
    • Finished my first semester of college! (Dec)

2019 Resolutions

  1. Do monthly goals
  2. Read my Bible and do a devotional everyday
  3. Write in a journal at least 5 days a week
  4. Develop a morning routine (updating monthly) and stick to it
  5. Drink 3 quarts of water every day
  6. Turn off electronics at midnight during college, and by 10pm not during college
  7. Memorize either a Bible chapter or literary work every month
  8. Revamp my Instagram and maybe actually stick to a theme for once
  9. Grow my platforms: Post at least one Instagram story, one tweet, and blog comment a day
  10. Set a daily task and finish that task (i.e., stop procrastinating)
  11. Make 3 fair entries a month
  12. Be more intentional about taking photos
  13. Not take an unplanned hiatus from the blog
  14. Only eat carbs one meal a day (on top of giving up the aforementioned list)

What big milestones did you hit this year? What’s something you want to try next year? Let me know! Merry Christmas!

People From 2018 || Blogmas 2018 Day 24






Since it’s Christmas Eve, today’s post is me screaming about all the amazing people in my life so that you can spend more time with your family and stuff since you’re not gonna read this anyways XD !!

Blogmas Day 24 2018

For 2018, I’d like to thank-

  • Mom and dad, of course, for always supporting me, especially this year as I GRADUATED!!!! and left for college!!! and for paying for college 😉
  • my brothers D+P for stepping up to fill the house while I’m not here and for their development into actual people this year and not just siblings
  • my relatives, who I got to see this year–my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, as well as extended family–for being awesome and inspiring people who I look up to and love seeing all the time
  • “Grandma” and “grandpa” B and “aunt” L, for praying for me always. It really is a comfort to know that there is always prayer surrounding me!
  • MM, for being my brain, for dealing with me as I finished out stuff and Felt Things, for trusting me enough to talk about your Feelsey Things, and for loving me. We’ve both grown a lot this year.
  • MM–the other one–, for being such a great friend, for sticking with me through everything, for dealing with college life with me, for the college phone calls, and everything else!
  • RF, for all the time we spent together this year. I FINALLY got to know you this year, and I loved every minute of it. Thank you, for that, and for trusting me with your Feelsey Things, for being my older sister, and for the memes XD
  • MF, for being an absolute sweetheart. We only got about a week in 2018 to really get to know each other, but no matter what happens, I’m never going to forget you. I love you!
  • KS, for being my sister, for being one of the first people I told about ^, and for good times every time we hang out
  • AS, for becoming a fun hang-out friend this year: we spent a couple years kinda distant, but this year I feel like we actually hung out quite a bit, and it was a great time! Also for letting me sort Things out with you and for being better at dealing with said Things than I was
  • my roommate (!!!) OS, for being an amaZING roommate. College would be so different if it weren’t for you, and I love rooming with you!
  • my college friends–NH, SK, BS, RW, CS, NSD, MS, AS, AY, JK, and SE–for being who you are. Hanging out with y’all has taught me so much, and I’m so grateful to know you guys. Finding friends at college was one of my biggest concerns, and y’all are truly the biggest blessing. I’m so thankful for you all!
  • my church friends–KG, YT, KT, AM, VM, LW, NW, HT, NW, SV, JS, and KC, for talking about God with me, and worldviews and thoughts and stuff this year while I’ve been at college, and for motivating me to keep going to church even while I’m at college
  • my online friends–Hailey, Mary, Vanessa, Charley, and everyone else who I tried to keep up with on top of my college stuffs–for being there and always up for a quick lil message after a busy day, and for checking up on me every once in a while to make sure I haven’t died yet
  • my SciOly friends–KB, DC, AH, SW, MM, and everyone else–, for becoming friends this year, and not just teammates: while it’s been like that for so many years, this year was truly special
  • GM, for also being frienDS this year, thought we’ve gone from seeing each other 5 times a week to just 2 . . . it’s still a lot and I love you!
  • EC, for mentoring me and talking with me about God and giving me advice about growing up and dealing with the world, and just being one text away if I ever need anything
  • SS, FM, WS, and MHC, for helping mama as I grow up, and for always being there for me if I ever need
  • EW, for being actual friends again this year, for dealing with college things, for being brave and going to college, for trying to make my move to college less intimidating
  • and God, of course, for whom I try to live for every day, some days more than others. Here’s to 2019 being a year of growth and a closer walk with you!

I’ve found that saying thank you to people–even if they never see it!–is a really good way to stay humble and to realize how much people pour into you. Who are YOU thankful for this season?

Blogmas Day 25: 2017 Reflections / 2018 Resolutions

Year 4 wooooo!!! (2015 2016 2017) In this post, I’m going to wrap up my year, including blog stat stuff and how I did on this year’s New Year’s Resolutions, and then tell you guys all about next year’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Blogmas 2017(3)

Bloggy Stats

  • 210 total blogposts (80 blogposts written)
  • 2626 visitors
  • 123 followers (awww look at that)
  • Visitors from 59 countries

Blog highlights

Most Popular Posts


Ava Bright Lee || My Thoughts About . . . A Lot of Things, Really


Blog RELAUNCH (and other things) PARTAYYYYYY

WHTM July 17

What Happened This Month: July 2017

2017 Resolutions

  1. Do Bible Reading everyday- nope. This year was a very bad year in terms of spiritual growth, and I didn’t read my Bible very much, or pray very much, or anything really. Fail.
  2. Memorize 3 chapters of the Bible- lol nope. I kinda forgot about this one? Fail.
  3. Pray more, and more specifically- *sigh* guess what? Fail.
  4. Clear the dishwasher every morning- I did some? But not even close enough to half so no Fail.
  5. Don’t use more than 1000 hours of internet- I think I got this one? I was about 400 hours in by July or August, then my internet tracker thing needed to update and my computer couldn’t do it, so I lost that app. Seeing how I was less than halfway through more than halfway through the year, I’m going to count this a Success.
  6. Read 150 books- This was my GoodReads goal for the year, but between Junior year and Senior year, I only read 120. But I’m going to count this as I got it, because I’m satisfied with reading 120 books, and besides, it’s the third year I’ve read over 120 books! Success.
    July TBR
  7. Write a total of 300 blogposts- WELL 2016 SELF! BIG GOALS, EH? WOWWWW. I wrote less than 100 total XD Fail.
  8. Comment 3x/day on other blogs- I have about half a years’ worth of comments, (about 540 comments?) in spurts, and I’ve noticed a big increase of traffic on the months that I did. I *think* I’m going to count it? What with everything else that happened this year, I’m pretty happy with how I did, even though it would have been nice if I’d done it all. Success.
  9. Stay on track with family blog- PSHHHHHH ya think? Fail.
  10. Post regularly on Instagram- Not very regular, but I did post more? I posted 65 times on my blogstagram and 48 times on my personal, so I’m going to count it. Success.
  11. Do more art- Well. I never really defined what ‘more’ is, but I’ve improved a lot more in the world of typography and word art type stuff? (I don’t know what it’s called lol) I’m going to count it.  Success.
  12. Don’t drink any carbonated drinks- This is the one thing I actually did XD. I went without soda for a whole year (excluding like 5 mouthfuls) and I don’t miss it? So I think I’m going to continue next year. Success.
  13. Exercise (at least 1 hour) intensively every week…maybe get into running?- pffffff as if. Fail.
  14. Drink more water- I tried (well, all for this week. I’m super dehydrated rn lol). I have a nice collection of water bottles (of great importance) and it worked. Sorta. Success.

7/14! [with no cheating obviously pshh] (compared to 8/13 last year and 9/14 two years ago, so percentagely lower than previously, but that’s okay.)

Highlights/Happenings of 2017

  • Atteneded my first SciOly invitational (Feb)
  • Took two more AP tests, bringing my total up to 6 (May)
  • Visited St. Lous and Illinois (May)
  • Got my Driver’s permit! (May)
  • Finished taking my SATs and ACTs 🙌 (Jun)
  • Did my first internship (my first 40-hour a week, officey type job) (Jun-Aug)
  • My cousins visited us (Jun)
  • Visited New York City (Jun)
  • Started volunteering at a museum and I FREAKING LOVE IT (July)
  • Hit 100 blog and Instagram followers and 100, 200, and 300 followers on Twitter! (Vague July)
  • Hosted my first blog giveaway (Aug)
  • Started my first college classes (Aug)
  • Started my senior year (!!!), my sixth year of band, my fifth year of SciOly, and my 3rd year as an AWANA leader (Aug)
  • Started filling out college applications >< (Sep)
  • Started playing in the youth group band regularly (Sep)
  • I drove for the first time ever (and also broke a car while I was at it) (Sep)
  • I got accepted into my first college! (Oct)
  • Visited Orlando/Disney World (Dec)
  • Helped put together The Blogger Yearbook (Dec)

2018 Resolutions

2018 is going to be a huge of growth and change and I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I’m going to play it month-by-month more than yearly, so there’s going to be less Yearly resolutions this year.

  1. Do monthly goals
  2. Read my Bible daily and also keep a journal/prayer journal daily
  3. Get out of bed for the day (aka don’t get back into bed once I get up in the morning)
  4. Spend more time unplugged
  5. Brush my teeth before I go to bed at night (believe it or not, I’ve been really bad at it this year/semester)
  6. Give up [a to-be-determined list of foods]
  7. Make money with one of my hobbies (art/blogging/etc)

So that’s that. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Blogmas Day 24: People from 2017

As the year draws to a close, I like writing a little note to each of the people that have made a difference in my life. Some have made it multiple times to the list; others just once. Either way, this is a post that I will look back on in future years and remember all the people who made me who I am.

Blogmas 2017(6).png

From 2017, I would like to thank

  • mom and dad, for always being supportive of me and my many hobbies and for always being willing to drive me all sorts of place
  • my brothers D + P, for becoming more of friends and less of kids this year
  • my Aunt S, Uncle R, and cousin E for visiting, and even though I had to work for most of the visit, had fun with us
  • “Grandma” and “grandpa” B and “aunt” L, for showing me what joy in the Lord means and for believing in me and praying for me.
  • “Grandma” and “grandpa” L, for loving on me and my family and for always checking up on me
  • MM, for always being willing to listen to me rant about everything that goes through my mind late at night, and for all the advice that you’ve given me this year
  • MM (the other one), for driving me everywhere, and for being such a good Christ-like friend and role model. Taking chemistry with you this year was fun!
  • KS, for always being there for me to talk to, and for the bond we always have, even if we haven’t talked much this year
  • Twitter friends, for being my online friends and for listening to my talks and my thoughts and for inspiring me with blogposts and tweets and for how hard you all work every day
  • my church friends, LM, KL, JO, KT, and YD, for our discussions about God and life and everything else
  • MS, CS, JC, EF, and KG for leading me further in knowing God, for investing time in me, and for showing me how to love others well
  • MY FRENS, including AS, ES, GM, AS, and RC, for listening to me go on all sorts of tangents and irrelevant stories and manage time poorly in general
  • SW, KB, MM, SC, DC, and DE (as well as others), for being wonderful SciOly partners/teammates and for never taking the fun out of study/work
  • WC, for being an amazing SciOly coach and for always pushing us to our full potential
  • EC, for always being so encouraging and understanding (and for putting up with my fiasco this year . . . and forgiving me afterwards). The older I get, the more I realize how much work and love you pour into us, when you don’t even have to!
  • my teachers BT, HJ, JW, TC, and GP, for teaching me and preparing me for both higher education and life in general (and for putting up with all the times I don’t get stuff done in time)
  • the people I interned with over the summer, AB, AY, RR, SW, AN, MSP, KM, SD, KC, KC, and DE, for making my first internship an enjoyable one and one where I learned a lot, for allowing me this opportunity, and for the adventures we’ve had together. I’m so grateful.
  • EM, WS, MHC, and EB, for being friends, mentors, and another adult for guidance and support (and goodness know, I need it)
  • my Cubbie BEARS, PH, EN, LM, NL, and AA, for being the best little Cubbbies I’ve had the privilege and honor to help lead towards God
  • my students AH and LH, who have made so much progress this year. Thank you for always practicing and stretching me as a teacher and a musician.
  • and to God of course. Everything I do in this life is dedicated to you, and even though this was a year of pursuing myself instead of you, you have still played an important part in my life and thank you for guiding me this year.

Who are you grateful for this year? I definitely recommend you taking stock of who has influenced your life and telling them thank you, because it is so so important! Life is so short.