I Believe…

I believe in the one, true, living God.

I believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I believe that we are all sinners in need of our Savior

I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins  (not just some of them – ALL of them)

I believe to go and be in heaven with Jesus, we just have to believe (John 5:24)

I believe it is all FOR God and HIS glory!

I believe we were all created equal under God

I believe that God loves everyone (queer people, sex workers, drug dealers… everyone!)

I believe that the fundamental basis of Christianity is to show God’s love to others and living out the grace that we were given, upon recognition of the inherent sin within every human being

I believe it is important to be a disciple and to disciple others.

I believe that Christians should hold other believers to the standards that the Bible speaks about, and that they should not be holding unbelievers to Biblical standards.

I believe that the matter of one’s salvation is only between them and God, and that everyone else has no right to judge them for their actions based on what they perceive

I believe that there is no “one church”, and it isn’t a physical building – we as Christians are the church

I believe that the whole Bible is true, written by God, and none is false or made up, but also that the Bible does not contain everything God wants to teach us. I believe that God also teaches us through daily life experiences, as well as through his creation

I believe that science is a way to understand the world that God created, and that by understanding science, we are better able to understand the glorious act of God’s creation. I believe that studying science is a way to further understand God’s work, and science and Christianity do not contradict each other

I believe in second chances

I believe that addiction (alcohol and drugs specifically) is a mental and physical issue, and not merely an issue of self control. I believe that drugs should not be criminalized, that the War on Drugs is ineffective, and that people addicted to drugs should be put into rehabilitation programs rather than imprisoned

I believe that abortion is wrong and that there is a baby inside the mother’s womb from the earliest stage. I also believe that there should be more support for unwanted/unexpected pregnancies before abortion is off the table. I believe that we need systemic changes like bettering the welfare/foster care/healthcare/education system before we can ban abortion.

I believe that we should love all sinners, but hate the sin

I believe that it is possible to be gay and to believe in God, and that being gay makes someone no less Christian, and that they do not need to change anything in order to be worthy of the church.

I believe we can’t judge someone’s outward appearance and treat them differently because of who we think they are (James 2:2-4)

I believe that we were all given free will, and that we all have the right to do, say, or think freely, so long as it does not interfere with the basic human rights, needs, and desires of others

I believe that healthcare and education are human rights

I believe that all lives matter, especially black lives. I believe that the current system in place discriminates against people of color and that the law enforcement and prison system should be reformed.

I believe that caring about the lives of other people is not political, and anything regarding it should a moral issue and not political

I believe that as Christians, we are called to love and care for the least among us, and that that should be our calling above having individual liberty (Isaiah 58:7)

I believe that faith without works is dead; I believe that works without love is worthless (James 2:17, 1 Corinthians 13:3)

I believe that the time is right for revival in our nation. I believe that God is ready to take action in this country.

I understand that some of my beliefs may not seem like it is based in Christianity. I encourage you to read these Bible passages that helped inform me in making my decisions on what I believe:

  • Isaiah 58
  • James 2
  • Matthew 5
  • Acts 4:32-36

(If you have any questions about any of the things above that I believe in and would like to know more about it please feel free to e-mail me @ rockandminerals4him@gmail.com)