How I Shoot and Edit my Instagram Photos || 12 Days of Blogmas 2019 Day 2

Hey everyone!! Welcome to the second day of Blogmas!! Today, I’m going to be sharing how I shoot and edit my Instagram photos!

How I Take and Edit My Instagram Photos

In 2019, I’ve been making an effort to curate my Instagram feed: the beginning of this year was when I actually started trying to grow my instagram and make it something that I was proud of. I’ve almost doubled my account since the start of the year (just under 400 to almost 700, so shh not quite double but we’re almost there) and I’ve had a lot of fun while I was at it! I’m not confident enough in my skills to grow an Instagram to write a blogpost about it yet, but I’ll do some more research and experimenting in 2020 and hopefully do a post about that too!

Here’s my feed (@HanneasinHannah):

I try to make it a mixture of bookish and lifestyle (i.e., college), interspersing in bullet journaling, bible journaling, and art as I do it, which is not as often. So how do I do it? I have five steps that I go through to make my feed:

  1. look up inspiration
  2. take photos
  3. select and edit photos
  4. sort into a feed
  5. post

For looking up inspiration, I base my method loosely off of Abbie’s method, (where she looks up photos that match her brand on Pinterest and curate a sample feed that she then matches) but with my own variation. Since my “brand” is basically just . . . bookish hygge, it’s easy to find photos and feeds that I can get inspiration from on Instagram. Obviously, Pinterest is helpful as well (I have a board on Pinterest that I use for Instagram inspo). Instead of having an idea of what feed I want to make before I take the photos though, I just take inspiration from the individual photos and curate them into a feed I like.


Next, taking the photos. I shoot my photos in bulk, and generally I take a day every couple of months just to shoot a bunch of photos all in a row. I prepare for shooting days by stockpiling all of the books/supplies/props I need, and looking up inspiration, like mentioned above. I don’t usually consciously stockpile books, but I do time my shoot days with days that I’ve gotten a particularly large library haul.

I shoot with a Nikon D3400 camera, but have also shot with a point and shoot. I don’t use my phone camera because it has really bad quality, but obviously you can use anything to take your photos with! I take photos on days with direct sunlight but with my blinds closed. (I have translucent blinds, so they let just the sunlight through but don’t cause shadows as badly)

After I’m done shooting my photos, I edit my photos by uploading them to VSCO (the desktop uploader is a LIFESAVER, btw, if you don’t already use it: 10/10 recommend). I play around with the different edit styles, but generally the formula I use is:

  • +2.0 exposure
  • +1.0 contrast
  • +1.0 saturation
  • +3.0 tint
  • +12.0 HB2

Obviously, I adjust it more if there was something that was wonky, and I’ll play around with the white balance, highlights, shadows, and clarity if needed, but generally my formula works pretty well.

And that’s it! There’s how I shoot and edit my Instagram photos! I hope it was helpful and helped inspire you with your Instagram journey! Have you followed me on Instagram yet? Follow me here: @HanneasinHannah! Drop your handle and we can be Insta buddies!

Instagram is TOO AESTHETIC || How to Do a Social Media Purge || My Thoughts About . . . Social Media

Hi!! Today, we’re talking . . . social media.

Instagram is TOO AESTHETIC

Now this isn’t the typical “Instagram is the highlight roll, don’t compare it to your bloopers” rant, even though it is important too. What I’m here to say is, you don’t have to care so much about your social media because PEOPLE DON’T ACTUALLY CARE.

Recently, I’ve been more attached to social media than usual (which is saying a lot #oops), and so I’ve been trying to actively cut back on the time I spend using it. I’m still in the process of figuring out what I can do to not waste my entire life on social media, but I’m actively avoiding social media for the time being.

I went on a social media purging spree the other day, and I went through my Instagram and Twitter and unfollowed all the people that I really didn’t need to follow. Some examples were-

  • people from a follow-for-follow type of deal. Unless I really LOVE their content, there isn’t a need to keep following them. (Disclaimer: I don’t actively participate in follow-for-follow or follow-chains or whatever else there is; I’m talking here about the people who follow you and you follow back for ‘politeness’ purposes.)
  • pages you follow multiple of. Do you really need to be following 6 kitten pages and 4 puppy pages? Cutting back to 1 or 2 would get you your animal fix, while taking down the number of pages you follow, and thus the number of posts you see!
  • inspiration pages. How many (if you’re like me) bullet journal pages are you following? How many of pretty notes? How many of aesthetic-minimalistic lifestyles? How many of insane photography? Pick your favorite, and unfollow all the rest. If you’re like me, you’re following these pages for your own photos and for inspiration. How many of these pages post things that you won’t ever, EVER accomplish? Unfollow them! The only thing they’re doing is reminding you how you’re not aesthetic enough.
  • celebrities. Do you still need to be following that YouTuber that you stopped watching two years ago? Do you REALLY need to be Keeping Up With The Kardashians? They COULD NOT CARE LESS about you, so why are you caring?
  • laziness. How many pages are you still following, simply because you’re too lazy to tap into their profile and unfollow them? UNFOLLOW THEM NOW.

Untitled design.png

  • vague acquaintances. Do you need to be following that girl you passed in the hallway once a week in high school? Do you need to be following your teacher’s daughter? Do you need to be following that person who you’ve just seen vaguely around but have never actually talked to? They don’t know you, they don’t care about you; do yourself a favor and unfollow them.
  • old blogger friends. This makes me sound TERRIBLE, but really. They’ve moved on with their lives, and you’ve moved on from yours. Do you really need to be following them? This is, again, more of the ‘acquaintance’ type, the type you were following because of their blog but you don’t actually read their blog.
  • bloggers that don’t fit your niche. This is kind of related to the “follow chains” type, but these are the people who you stumbled across a couple times and followed. They aren’t posting things you care about, you don’t care about what they’re posting, just unfollow them!
  • nice people whose blogs you read but whose content you don’t care for. There is no written rule that you MUST follow the social media of whoever’s blog you read! If you LOVE someone’s blog, but don’t like their social media, DON’T FOLLOW THEM. NO ONE CARES IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW THEM.

Overall, it’s just that PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AS MUCH AS YOU THINK. I have to keep reminding myself of this, but do you know how much time you could save if you didn’t care what people cared about on social media?

What are some ways you force yourself to not spend so much time on social media? Have you gone on a purging spree recently? I HIGHLY recommend it: it SAVES LIVES.

Media This Month: February 2017

*cue me scrolling through an entire month’s worth of YouTube history, WordPress reader, Blogger reader, and Twitter*


Musical Finds-


Cool Blogposts Read-

You Should Homeschool by Naomi


Rainbows Shouldn’t Be a Sign of Our Pride by Hayley

Bonnie’s Opinion: I am Pro-Choice?!?!

that’s why our ribs are cages by Clara

Great Videos Watched-

k so like this is an accurate representation of me singing Hamilton

and because BABY

Twitter Finds-


Media This Month: January 2017

Usually I do a “What Happened This Month” recap every month, but this month I’m going to try something different. The WHTM posts are getting really big and hard to load, so I’m splitting it up into a “Media This Month” post with the new media I found this month and a “What Happened This Month” with a monthly summary and highlights and stuff.

We’ll see how it works.


Musical Finds-

Just…ALL THE HAMILTON. But aside from that,

Cool Blogposts Read-


How Are You So Productive, Aimee by Aimee…who knew?


21 Answers to the Question “What are You Planning to do in Your Future?” by Rebekah

16 things i.png

16 Things I Learned in 2016 by Autumn


My Dad, Mostly, by Olivia

Great Videos Watched-

Twitter Finds-

So, how did you like this? Do you prefer this separate from the rest of the lifestyle stuff? Are there other categories would you like to see?

Rant: Pokemon Go


Not having a phone, I’m usually pretty far behind on current ‘popular’ trends. In this case, Pokemon Go. Yes, I just said it again.

My friend L told me about this new game, Pokemon Go, a couple of weeks ago, and since then, I have been BOMBARDED with Pokemon Go EVERYWHERE!

For those of you who are even more behind than I (I doubt there are many), Pokemon Go is a game basically, where you look for little Pokemon thingies that are scattered around the world, and collect them. Sort of like geocacheing, but electronically.

Part of my annoyance with this game is because I think it is a good idea! It makes people actually get out of the house, and go looking. I’m also very much motivated by collecting badges, achievements, and other stuff like that, so collecting Pokemon thingies (I have absolutely no idea what they’re called XD) is very appealing to me. And I have absolutely nothing against having electronically obsessed people getting out into public and, well, doing stuff!

What I don’t like, however, is how it’s pretty much taken over the world. I can’t think of something else right now that has been so talked about. I’ve found it in real life, on YouTube, and basically all over. the place. Basically, it’s gotten to the point where I’m really really mad at the entire world for even starting this trend.

Yeah, I get it. People like this game and they want to share to the world that they do. Fine. BUT IT DOESNT MAKE ME ANY LESS ANNOYED. NO SORRY POKEMON DONT SHOW UP ON MY BLOGROLL, MY YOUTUBE FEED, MY DESKTOP, GOOGLE, THE WORLD, OTHER HUMANS PLEASE.

And also, it’s kinda creepy. People stopping in random places, and you’re like, yup, Pokemon. The other day, there was a group of teenage boys stopped in front of my house, and I was totally freaked about it, but then realized that they were probably Pokemoning and not planning a robbery or a breakin.

So y’know, if you know where I live and play Pokemon, there’s one in front of my house. XD


I’m realizing that my ranting right now isn’t actually because I’m mad at Pokemon designers. I’m mad because I want to try it. And I’m also glad that I don’t have a phone and can’t do it.


Top 5 Websites for Studying

As the end of the school year ends (WHAT? ALREADY?!), people are preparing for finals…but they don’t feel like studying! Here are my top 5 resources that help me in studying.

  1. Quizlet– What can I say? Quizlet is just AWESOME! It’s a flashcard tool, and while its functionality as a flashcard tool is somewhat limited to flashcard-y information, its other functions as simply a learning tool are outstanding. There are six ways to learn total, which add up to mastering of information entirely, including two incredibly simple, yet extraordinarily fun and addictive. Sets of cards can also be shared between people in classes, and the progress of various members of a class are able to see and try to beat high scores on games, which makes it much, much more fun and competitive.
  2. Khan Academy– Khan Academy is fairly well known as a study site. The main purpose of Khan Academy is for math, and its math practice is extremely extensive. Recently, though, however, Khan Academey has become much more functional, adding SAT practice, sciences (the anatomy videos are superb), programming, and colinking to Crash Course. It has become a much more active online school (at least for me). The tutorials are especially good for notetaking, which I really appreciate, and they go more in-depth, which I also really appreciate. They do point/badge counting, which is really motivating for me (just 10 more practice questions until I get this badge!).
  3. Pandora– This isn’t a strictly study site, but it helps me a lot in my studying. Pandora is an online music radio. I love the functionality and the radio-like-ness of the site, unlike sites such as Spotify or (maybe) iTunes, where the music is organized into playlists, with set songs. Pandora is radio-like, which means that the songs that you listen to aren’t regulated to the ones you put on the play list, which I really enjoy. I especially love listening to all my stations on shuffle, which gives me a really wide variety of music to listen, ranging from Christmas to CCM to Irish to Classical to Movie scores.
  4. EasyBib– EasyBib is the perfect easy way to ace those bibliographies. Plug in all the spots in the bibliography generating site thing (which is really satisfying–to fill in forms), and EasyBib generates a perfectly formatted works cited page for you! This website is probably the website that has saved me THE most time while working on school papers and stuff by not having to cite all this stuff.
  5. TrelloTrello is a card-organizing device that allows me to keep track of all my assignments. I use Trello quite extensively, tracking my grades and assignments. Trello has a bunch of fun extensions, linking to Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, which makes it linkable to many platforms and extremely handy. I also use Trello to plan out my blogposts, knitting projects, and the birthdays of my friends. All in all, Trello is a versatile organizing platform that is both easy to use yet diverse. I believe it really helps me plan out and organize my life so much better than a pile of sticky notes would have done, although sticky notes are great too. 😀

Eh…by the time I got to here, I realized how lame some of these websites are. Literally everyone uses these sites. Whatever, I hope some of these sites are new to you and that they help you in your studying! Good luck on finals!



YouTube Highlight: Brooklyn and Bailey

If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you probably have noticed that my favorite YouTube channel is Brooklyn and Bailey.

Brooklyn and Bailey are identical twin girls whose mom started the channel Cute Girls Hairstyles to showcase her hairstyle making skills. With that background, they stepped into the YouTube world and they are the first second generation YouTuber(s) to hit 1 million subscribers (saying, their mom has 1 million and they have 1 million as well). They are really fun to watch…to say nothing of their charm, wittiness, and just happiness and love as a family. Their channel is much like the typical girl YouTuber channel- challenges, tags, vlogs, DIY’s and more, but there’s a certain aspect to their channel that makes it more appealing to me than any other channel I’ve watched so far. Although I may be watching a different video from a different channel when their newest video goes live, I stop whatever I’m watching and go straight to their video first. I can’t put my finger on what makes their channel so different, but their faith definitely plays into their channel. Brooklyn and Bailey are Mormons (not Christians), but having a background like that allows me to trust watching their channel much more.

The girls started their YouTube career as 13 year-olds (Their parents’ rule was that they had to 13 to start their channel) and their variety of videos, as well as their subscribers, have increased exponentially every year. They have done a few collabs, all with wonderful (and famous!) YouTubers, including Studio C, Shelby Church, MyLifeasEva, and Lindsey Sterling. Now, to let some of their videos speak for themselves-

Their vlog trip to Europe-

Meet Our Mom tag-

Both of these previous videos speak to their family’s relationship. They are a very close knit family and they enjoy spending time with each other, which is quite different from many teenagers in this day and time.

What’s in Our Backpack-

The Pictionary Challenge-

They also often do videos “featuring” their younger sisters, Kamri and Rylan, as shown by the example above.

The girls, who are almost 16 in December of 2015, are very pretty, both on the inside and on the outside. However, unlike many other YouTubers that I watch/am aware of, they always dress appropriately, without showing parts of their body that were meant to be kept private. This is also another aspect of their videos that I like. I know I can go to them and actually use their fashion ideas, unlike other channels’, where their idea of cute includes showing shoulders (which is okay with me, but depends on the shirt), midriff (which is NOT okay with me), or really tight outfits. While they do wear makeup, they don’t wear an excessive amount of makeup; they attempt to make it look natural, which enhances their natural beauty.

Their channel is also very clean. As I have mentioned, they are Mormons, so they obviously have a religious background. I have viewed almost all their videos, and I have yet to hear a bad (or even semi-bad) word in their channel.

All in all, I love watching Brooklyn and Bailey’s videos first of all because they’re so cute and so pretty and upbeat and positive…but also because I know that they are clean and that I won’t have to worry about people hearing or anything inappropriate in their videos.

RockandMinerals4Him rating- 10/10


Top 5 Favorite Youtubers

Now, most of the reason I spend so much time on YouTube is because of all the awesome Youtubers on Youtube!

Here are my top 5 favorite Youtubers that I have found so far (in no particular order)-

  1. Cute Girls Hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey– Cute Girls Hairstyles was founded by Mindy McKnight, who is a self-acclaimed hair ninja, when people began asking her for tutorials for the adorable hairstyles she used on her girls (she has 5!!). She posts a new hairstyles video every week, and the hairstyles range from prom hairstyles to sports hairstyles to Halloween hairstyles. Brooklyn and Bailey, who are Mindy’s eldest two daughters (they’re twins!) started a Youtube channel of their own when they were thirteen, and quickly gained many many followers, because of their friendliness and charm. They do vlogs, challenges, and DIY’s. I really enjoy watching their videos, because they’re similarly-aged girls who are just so adorable. Both these two channels are really “good”, as in they’re clean (the McKnights are Mormon), and also in that they’re just fun to watch.
  2. The Piano Guys– The Piano Guys are four guys who really enjoy making music (and Youtube videos!) together. They have made wonderful music on crazy places, the Great Wall of China being one. They make great, music with piano and cello, including many Christmas pieces (which I’m slightly obsessed with ☺)
  3. Crash Course– The Crash Course offers many crash course videos in many subjects such as biology, astronomy, and literature. The guys who teach the courses make general fools of themselves, and are really fun to watch. I occasionally watch them before tests, as a way to release stress and review at the same time.
  4. Pentatonix– Pentatonix is a group of five acapella singers (with wonderful pitch!!) who sing together. I love listening to their music because of their phenomenal harmony, their outstanding blending, and their Christmas music. ☺ They are a remarkable and well-blended group (One’s Christian, one’s Jewish, one’s gay, one’s African-American, but they are obviously well in-tuned to each other and to their music).
  5. Studio C– Now, this is the channel I do most of my procrastinating on! This channel is a comedy channel that both Brooklyn and Bailey and CGH appeared on, introducing me to them. They have great clean comedy shows that are hilarious!! I could spend hours on end watching Studio C. I love how they have such real-life scenarios, yet so non-real-life at the same time.

It’s your turn! Who are your top 5 favorite YouTube channels? Also, I’m going to (hopefully) be posting regularly every Friday from now on- I’m prewriting blogposts, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

Screenshot (25)