The 5 Best Productivity Apps That Will BOOST Your Productivity || How I Survived College

Hi everyone! How are your Januarys going? We are HALFWAY through January, can you believe it? I go back to college next week, so today, I’ll be telling you the BEST productivity apps that I use to keep my life together.

5 apps to boost your productivity

I use all of these in a combination with my bullet journal. Some features of each app are better than others, and I don’t necessarily use ALL of them together all the time, but all them are apps I SWEAR by! These are (almost) all apps that have a mobile app, as well as an desktop counterpart, because I need apps that sync over between my phone and my computer!

  1. Google Calendar (and its associated apps)
    screenshot (88)
    I mean. Of course. Google is the BEST thing out there. I use my Google Calendar much like Abbie does: I used to do calendar blocking in my bullet journal, but when I started college, so much of what I needed to use was online that I needed something that I could access both on my laptop and my phone, so I switched over to calendar blocking on Google Calendar. My Google calendar is also synced to the calendar that comes with my (android) phone as well as the calendar on Windows 10, and that’s been really helpful as well (I can never forget what I’m supposed to be doing at any given time!😅). Plus, Google also has Tasks and Keep which integrate into the calendar, and it’s AWESOME for keeping track of everything!
  2. Habitica
    screenshot (89)
    I used Habitica wayyyy long ago in early high school, but stopped. Over winter break, I started to use it again. Habitica is a role-playing productivity app, where you getin game rewards for completing your real life tasks. The tasks are divided up into Habits (tasks where you get rewarded/penalized based on if you accomplish a task), Dailies (tasks you must complete daily in order to not dealt damage), and To Dos (which are exactly what they sound like). There is also a groups, or “guilds,” feature, which are essentially chat rooms on various topics, such as short term productivity, knitting, or gaming! I don’t use Habitica for school: I find inputting individual assignments into Habitica too tedious and ends up counterproductive, but it’s great for keeping me motivated when I don’t have school!
  3. My Study Life
    screenshot (90)
    (disregard all the overdue tasks lol those were assignments from last semester that I didn’t check off) This app literally SAVED ME everyday last semester at college! This app is SO helpful: when I got my syllabi for each semester, I inputted all the assignments, quizzes, and exams into My Study Life, and they were all there for the semester! The dashboard lists my class schedule, a list of tasks due each day, and upcoming exams, all in a sleek and easily accessible place. It also has a feature for building name and room number, AND sends you alerts right before class with them, and that was the most helpful thing ever for me not knowing where anything was yet. If you’re a college student, check this app out. It will SAVE you.
  4. Evernote
    screenshot (91)
    I don’t usually take notes on my laptop, but when I do, I use Evernote. Evernote is the app I use specifically to keep track of my notes for class. The feature I appreciate the most about Evernote is the “Notebooks” feature, where my notes can be grouped into classes. Because it’s my designated note-taking app, I can turn off my internet/turn on airplane mode and just WORK, and it’s amazing. It’s such a simple design, but it works AMAZING.
  5. QualityTime
    If you’re anything like me, I waste /a lot/ of time on my phone. So to combat that, I downloaded QualityTime on my phone. It shows me exactly how much time I use on each app and when, and also has a weekly overview version! It’s Quite Scary how much time I spend on my phone!!! The part that I appreciate the most is the notification that stays in my dropdown bar, so every time I swipe down to check my notifications, I get reminded of my usage being tracked, and motivates me to STOP! This goes without saying, but this is just an mobile app: there isn’t a desktop version of this, although I’m sure there’s some variant of it somewhere!

So there you have it! The productivity apps I SWEAR by to get me through college, and the apps that I use to keep my life together! Do you use any of these apps? What is your swear-by app? Let me know in the comments: I’m always looking for new systems to check out!

3 thoughts on “The 5 Best Productivity Apps That Will BOOST Your Productivity || How I Survived College

  1. haileyhudson January 18, 2019 / 10:56 pm

    Habitica looks cool! I could never live without Trello.


  2. CG @ Paper Fury January 25, 2019 / 3:08 am

    Your level of organisation is just 😍😍my iPod just started showing me how much time I spend on it and oh…I didn’t want to see that lmao. But it’s a good kickstart to remember to not waste time and that’s good! It’s epic how productive and organised you are!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hanne T January 25, 2019 / 6:20 pm

      hahaha internet tracking is always,,,,not good
      but it helps if it makes me turn my phone off!!


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